How To Make Your Penis Bigger And Harder Naturally

If you are a man looking for a way to increase the size and hardness of your penis, you have come to the right place. There are several different options available, including manual stretching exercises, Hyaluronic acid injections, and losing weight. But, which one is best for you? Let’s explore these options one by one to learn more about penile girth and how to make penis bigger naturally?

Manual stretching exercises increase girth of the penis

There are various penis stretching exercises that can help you get a bigger penis. Manual stretches involve massaging the penis tissues, from bottom to top. The purpose of penis stretching is to cause micro-tears in the penis muscle, which heal and make the penis longer. While penile stretching is temporary, it may have long-term effects. Manual penis stretches are easy to do at home.

How To Make Your Penis Bigger And Harder Naturally

These exercises can increase penis girth, but they are also dangerous. They increase pressure on the organ, and they can cause nerve or vein damage. You also run the risk of having problems maintaining an erection if you overdo it. In addition, the penis can become sore or fractured if you use this technique too much. So, a warm-up shower before performing manual stretches is recommended.


There are many benefits of jelqing your penis, including an improved sex life, improved self-confidence, and increased physical health. But like any exercise program, jelqing should be performed with proper technique and routine to avoid harmful effects. Before jelqing your penis, you should warm up and cool down. Wrap a warm towel around your penis before beginning your session to relax the muscles. Also, a warm bath after jelqing will improve blood circulation and speed up healing, reducing soreness and allowing you to perform more consistently.

Despite its negative reputation, jelqing is not limited to the men’s rights community. Men of all backgrounds enjoy the practice, and it has become especially popular in subcultures where physical appearance is important. One subreddit that recently popped up after r/Incels was banned for inciting violence against women was named r/IncelsWithoutHate. On this subreddit, users talk about their experiences with jelqing.

Hyaluronic acid injections

Dr. Ortiz uses a microcannula to administer the hyaluronic acid filler into your penis. The microcannula technique offers increased safety compared to multiple sharp needle injections, with fewer risks of bruising. Voluma XC is the most common injectable, and requires five to 15 syringes for a single treatment. Bulk discounts are available for larger doses.

A dermal filler is a common cosmetic procedure, but it is not an option for all patients. Hyaluronic acid injections can be expensive, and not all fillers are suitable for penis enlargement. Typically, a more expensive product will last longer and feel more natural in your penis than a cheaper one. In addition, the lower-cost filler has a higher risk of complication. You should be aware that after the injection, the hyaluronic acid filler is permanent and cannot be reversed.

A penis enhancement procedure can cause many undesirable side effects. The immediate result of penis volumization is very satisfying. However, the side effects can include pain, asymmetry, swollen penis, and even infection. Hyaluronic acid injections may also cause nodule formation, lumps, or a misshapen penis. In addition, they may lead to inflammation and pain.

Losing weight

A man’s penis is usually a big, sexy part of his body, so losing weight is important. The penis’ length can be increased by about one inch when a person loses thirty to fifty pounds of excess weight. Penis size is usually impacted by the amount of fat surrounding the shaft, which recedes when weight is lost. If you are overweight, you can gauge the size of your penis by pressing your flesh up against the shaft.

You can also increase your penis size by getting in shape and communicating with your partner. A strong and muscular physique can increase penis size, while shaving the area around the dick can make it appear larger. While jelging is a common solution, it has never been proven to be a permanent solution to penis size issues. Moreover, jelging can cause serious injury to the penis if you handle it roughly.