Tips For Creating Your Own Custom Hoodies

If you are looking to promote your business or event and you do not have the budget for an expensive billboard advertisement, a custom hoodie may be your best solution. A Custom hoodies, like other advertising clothing items, can be used as a tool to promote your company logo, message, or concept. If your company sponsors a concert or charity event, a custom hoodie can make great promotional material. By wearing your company’s logo and slogans on quality hoodies, potential clients and current customers will see your name, logo and message repeatedly. In addition, a great way to advertise is by offering a special discount or free shipping to a popular client. This type of promotion has worked great for many businesses.

Tip One: Design your own logo, slogan, or message. The first thing you should consider when designing quality custom hoodies is what your company is about. Is your company based around a particular product or service? If so, include that information on your hoodie. Some popular shapes for printing your company’s name, slogan, or information are circles, triangles, and squares.

Tip Two: Think screen printing. Screen printing is a great option for creating custom hoodies because it allows you to choose the type of fabric, colours, and designs that are best suited to your company. It is important to think carefully about whether or not your company fits into the realm of screen printing before choosing the fabric type and design that will be used for your custom hoodies. Some types of screen printing are more appropriate for apparel, while others may work better for t-shirts and sweatshirts.

Tip Three: Surf the web. Hoodies are available in a variety of custom print options from screen printing to embroidery. You can find hundreds of custom designs online, and many of them will fit into the budgets set up for your campaign. Take the time to compare prices, styles, and designs among various websites to determine which will work best for your marketing campaign. Some companies specialize in high-end custom sweatshirts, but there are plenty of other companies who are able to create quality hoodies according to your specific specifications.

Tip Four: Look for sweatshirt quality. Hoodies typically feature good material quality and durable characteristics. You want your sweatshirt to be able to withstand wash after wash and still look fresh when you wear it. A good way to judge this quality is to look at the construction of the sweatshirt. A sweatshirt that is made from a heavy cotton should be able to stand up to washing in a washing machine without tearing or ripping. Look for sweatshirts that feature a front pocket and tag that has some kind of zipper closure to ensure easy access to your customized printed slogan.

Tip Five: Buy sweatshirts in bulk. Many people fail to recognize that buying custom hoodies in bulk is a great way to save money. Bulk orders allow you to purchase more sweatshirts than you would be able to normally, and you can then sell those extra sweatshirts online at a discounted price. Many companies will allow you to print your logo on these sweatshirts so make sure that your company logo is something that people will recognize.